Maria Ivanova creates dazzling oil paintings. Her work is neat, thought-provoking, and original. With her oils, you will be able to see clear strokes, while enjoying a nearly photorealistic final look. Reach out to Maria if you'd like to learn more about her oil paintings.


Maria's picturesque pours are also a wonderful choice. Her pours are essentially ink drawings with watercolor poured over them. Maria usually finishes these within two weeks to two months. In general, Maria's pours are some of her more affordable pieces.

Picture of Tulips


Maria also has experience with figurative designs and landscapes. Her figurative work features detailed patterns based on old master themes. Learn more about her figurative offerings by contacting Maria today.

Art With a Master's Touch

Overall, Maria's works tend to have an old master feel. They typically look quite realistic and are usually photo based. Her pieces may take more than a year to complete and are modeled after everything from professional photos to images captured on your phone. 

Painting of Couple